Designed for support groups, community education courses, online library programming, conference workshops, in-services, meetings. Available online with Zoom meetings.


Brave New Connections: Breaking Through Isolation and Building Community (60-minute program, followed by 20-minute discussion)


Even before COVID-19, it took courage and initiative to break out of isolation and rebuild our support networks. We may have already been strapped in isolating situations such as illness, caregiving, living alone, divorce, relocation, or the death of a loved one.

Please join us as we explore ways to:

1) Stay close to others and deepen our bonds, despite social distancing.

2) Build our communities, expand our networks, and pave the way for our future social lives.

3) Understand how loneliness and isolation have affected other vulnerable groups in your community (such as people with disabilities, people in recovery, seniors who live alone) and learn how to advocate to help reduce social isolation.


Comforting Others: What to Say and Do

This presentation is ideal for caregivers and professionals supporting people through grief, as well as for those coping with chronic illness, disability or aging. When called to comfort others, we may feel empathy and care deeply, but sometimes what to say or do can elude us. We will explore how to put compassion into action with practical examples of comforting at work and at home. We will review recent research on empathy, grief, and social support, and examine best practices for how to be helpful. Finally, we will share our stories of comforting others, and learn from each other’s experiences.


TUTORIALS: Building Community and a Sense of Belonging

Social and Professional Networking

Learn more about how to expand and enrich your community networks—and get creative with new ways to connect, despite COVID-19. Develop confidence with networking and locating groups that match your interests and values for personal as well as professional development.

  • Ideal for people who have recently relocated to a new area.

  • A boost for networkers who want to expand their social support networks as well as locate business and career opportunities.

  • Helpful for people who have been socially isolated by an illness or disability.

  • Encouragement for those who have felt isolated during a major loss and are considering taking their first steps to reconnect with others in their community.

  • A fresh perspective for retirees who want to expand their social networks (volunteering, attending classes, joining a faith-based community).

Available by Zoom, Skype, or phone in 30-minute or 60-minute sessions.


Consulting for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Val can help your organization develop curriculums for training your staff, volunteers, and the individuals you serve on the following topics:

  • Human Rights and Advocacy for People with Intellectual Disabilities: Val consults with agencies for people with intellectual disabilities to develop a human rights curriculum for staff training. She is certified as a Human Rights Advocate by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.



  • Self-Advocacy Skills for People with Disabilities: Val teaches self-advocacy, social skills, and work readiness skills to young adults and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She specializes in using teambuilding exercises, expressive arts, and theater games to enhance engagement and build a sense of community.

  • Grief Support Groups for People with Disabilities: Val facilitates support groups for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have recently experienced a major loss. She encourages acceptance, compassion, and empathic listening for participants to acknowledge the grief of one another.




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